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Digital Applications & Platforms

Through the power of innovation, Digital Applications & Platforms (DAP) makes digitally-led corporate transformation a reality. The specialized solutions offered by our Digital Applications & Platforms services resolve practically all facets of digital transformation. These services are intended to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and allow any time, everywhere access to information.

The Digital Applications and Platforms team at Infiwise provides their expertise in developing and delivering API-first, modular, open, lightweight, and enterprise-ready platforms for all major sectors and domains.


Our Application Development Roadmap

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We combine the power of market-leading platforms with our knowledge, creativity, and domain experience for large-scale, platform-enabled transformation.

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Microsoft Office SharePoint is a flexible framework that may be used as an internal company collaboration tool or scaled out to be deployed as an Enterprise Content Management System. We provide a genuinely flexible platform for accelerating enterprise-scale application development and deployment.


Unlock the value of your SAP application portfolio by leveraging intelligence. The data orchestration layer of the SAP Corporate Technology Platform converts dispersed data sprawls into critical data insights that allow innovation and business development.


Using our guidance in Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud and Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, we can support your large-scale innovation activities throughout the whole life cycle of Oracle solutions


Using our broad industry knowledge and technical expertise, We allow you to maximize the commercial value of your Salesforce product line. Connect your people, processes, and systems to automate challenging tasks, improve customer service, and uphold the highest security and trust.


Infiwise's extensive Mendix expertise can assist you in making this powerful low-code technology work for your company, allowing you to continue creating for your clients.


With OutSystems, we develop solutions faster and engage clients easily in the development process. OutSystems enables us to bridge the gap between business requirements and technological innovations, resulting in happy clients.

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